Flypers make it to Fox News!

I’m proud to announce that our fledgling company in the southern part of Africa has made it to mainstream television in the US!

I had just received this message from a friend who lives in Las Vegas. A few pigeons have been seen wearing LITTLE RED COWBOY HATS. My fiend runs a bird and animal rescue called Lofty Hopes and they are wanting to catch the birds in order to remove the hats (which may have been stuck down). FOX NEWS came to take and record the story and the photographer saw my friends pigeon wearing his Flyper attached to a leash. He was totally enraptured and fascinated by what he saw and could not stop filming this little guy for about 20 minutes. He took down BBB details… so who knows?

I do hope they get those hats off those little guys who are wild xx. My friend is Mariah who runs the amazing rescue organization called LOFTY HOPES.

 Click the link below to see main news footage from Fox News 5.

See the video here!

See the video here!

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