Gigie, am I a fool without a mind,

or have I merely been too blind to realize?

Oh Gigie, why you have been growing up before my very eyes.

Gigie, you  are not at all

The funny awkward little girl I knew

Oh no, overnight there has been


Lyrics after the fabulous song by the great late Maurice Chevalier   –   Here is the real story of Gigie

And her family shared with us by Anne Laigle who is from FRANCE…


Hi everyone, I am Gigie Laiglongeon.

My mummy, Anne found me 3 years ago in front of the door of a garage in the court of her building. She was just there, very quiet and I guess she was waiting for me “said Anne”.  I had asked God for a pet and He gave me Gigie and later the rest of my crew”  – I was a 2 month old little baby and I suffered aweful PMV for 1 whole year. My mommy stayed at my side day and night… I was very ill and I lost all my feathers . Thanks to the love and care of my mommy I am now fine.  I cannot fly nor get around but I lie on mommy’s bed and I sleep all night long close to her head on her pillow. We love each other soooo much.   Let me tell you of the the brothers and sisters I have:”


Hello, My name is Myrtille Laiglongeon-Chaillot.  I am from Nantes in France. I was found a little ill by a lady named Anne-Laure Chaillot. She brought me to her home and saved me.  A few weeks later she brought me to my mommy’s home where I found my lifetime mate, Didyne and my older sister Gigie.


Hello my name is Didyne Laiglongeon  – I am Myrtill’s mate.  I was found near the door of a church in the centre of Rennes in Brittany. by my dear mommy.  I had been poisoned.  My liver remains very fragile since my poisoning but I am a happy fellow now enjoying the company of all my brothers and sisters (and my super special mom of course!) .  I am proud and I am KING OF THE WORLD.


Hi I am Bella Laiglongeon and this is my brother Aaron Laiglongeon   WE ARE TWINS

We were born under the roof of mom’s building on a cold day of January 2018. We had wonderful loving parents who cared for us very well.  And then one day a naughty gentleman invaded our attic and went hunting our parents. We hid and squeezed close to one another and we waited for the return of our parents. But the hours went by and neither our mom or dad returned to us. We wanted to call them back to us but the accesses to where we were had been filled and they could not get in to us to feed us anymore…….. Then we heard a small sweet voice calling to us and two hands reached in and took us out of our hiding place.  It was our HUMAN MOM Anne  we adore her sooo much.  She brought us into a big room where there were two other pigeons (Myrtille and Didyne)  Here in a big cage she had for us, we learned to trust humans and realized that they were not all as miserable as those who  chased our pigeon mom and dad away.  We now live together very happily . We try to be good but sometime we fight just like human kids but mommy is stern with us and we have lots of respect for her.   Our granny who is sick lives with us too we help our mom Anne to look after her and keep her happy . she loves us too.  We all sit and watch TV together.  We just got a younger little sister come to us as well…..  Joel


Hi my name is JOEL  I am the latest member of the family.  Like Gigie, Aaron and Bella, I was born under the roof of moms building. Moms neighbour complained that there were too many of us on the roof and that they were going to get rid of us.   My mom rose fast and rescued Bella and Aaron first.  Then she went up and made a small hole in the attic so that my family could join us.  I was born later this June in a small soft nest.  Then a naughty lady saw us and wanted to get rid of us again!!  I was only 10 days old then when my mom resuced me.  My older brother Aaron came to help and raised me as his own daughter.  I now enjoy life in the Laiglongeon team.  We are so happy that there are people like our mom in the WORLD    WE LOVE YOU MOMMY XXXXX


The Laiglongeon team have all just joined the FLYPER LIFESTYLE  and their mom Anne says they are most comfortable in their FLYPERS    Here are some pictures of us wearing our FLYPERS  They are super comfortable and easy to fit.  FLYPERS are functional bird diapers for poop control in the home)  – bird nappies/avian diapers/bird wear…

Thank you for reading our story.

We ask that you share with others to help create pigeon / dove and bird awareness.  xxxx





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