written by Mommy Marinda

I got up that morning with the biggest fear in my heart that we would receive the results of a blood test requiring us to put our precious little girl SKIEWIE to sleep!!!

I went to work that morning not being able to think of anything else. Finally the call came through .  The test results were negative and we were told our baby girl was healthy.  I could not hold back the tears and called my family with the news.  That night I knew that I had to do a special photoshoot of Skiewie.   This was one of the happiest telephone calls I had ever received.

We decided that we would call the vet the following Monday to have the amputation of her leg performed.  On the Sunday night Skiewie was sleeping in bed with my mother.  I went to give her medication and I could see by the way she was lying (with her broken leg pointing upwards) that her one toe was very badly swollen.  I started treating her toe with an anti-inflamatory and made an appointment to see the vet.

Skiewie wearing a Bev’s Bird Boutique Flyper

I was so very stressed at that point again.  We got Skiewie ready for her vet visit and packed her bag in case she had to stay over and not come home with us the same day.  She was taken into theatre immediately to remove her cast and we were told that an emergency amputation had to be performed in order to save her life.  Infection had set in!!

I waited outside the theatre .  It was agonizing!  The vet managed to amputate the broken part of her leg and the next morning we were allowed to take her home as she was already able to balance on her one remaining leg.

I was so happy to have her home again.  She did so well and was able to preen without losing balance.

We were scheduled to take her back to the vet on the Saturday to have her dressings. changed.  She sat on the reception desk at the vets as though she actually worked there.  Skiewie got so much attention and she loved it.

The vet opened her bandages and I. could see that the wound was beginning to heal.  There was a small area that was a bit behind on the healing but we believed that area would catch up and the wound would heal completely.   We left the vet with a new appointment date of the following Wednesday.



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