Our Distributors

The easiest way to order Flypers is directly from our website. However, to save on shipping costs you can also find a distributor near to you. Please see the following details and get in touch with them.

USA and Canada

Chava Sonnier
USA – California

Email: chavasonnier@gmail.com

Phone: 3372502230

Or private message her on facebook: Chava Sonnier

(With every purchase you make through Chava, she will donate to Chicago Pigeon Pets Rescue and Palomacy Pigeon and Dove rescue.)

Erika Wilson

Ontario, Toronto


Phone: 647-882-9693

Or private message her on Facebook (Erika Wilson)

Mary Long Souder
USA – Florida

Email: Mary@Leathers4Feathers.com

Or PM on Facebook: Mary Long Souder

Mary Stevens
USA – Washington State

Phone: 425-321-4642

Or PM on Facebook: Mary Stevens

South Africa

Bev Letard
South Africa

Phone: 0824628729

Email: bev@bevsbirdboutique.com

Facebook: fb.me/bevsbirdboutique

Riverside Veterinary Clinic – South Africa (Durban)
South Africa

Dr Kerry Easson

62 Soofie Saheb Drive, Durban North, South Africa

Phone: 031 563 6565

Email: vet@riversidevet.net

Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital
South Africa

Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital, Soutpan Rd, Onderstepoort, Pretoria

Phone: 012 529 8105

Facebook: Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

Ilse Meyer
South Africa – Pretoria

Phone: +(27) 72 680 1111

Email: ilsehas72@yahoo.com

Or Facebook PM her at: Ilse Meyer

Cape Exotic Animal Hospital
(CEAH) - Cape Town

Phone: 021 975 0708

Email: www.ceah.co.za

10 De Villiers Drive, Valmary Park, Cape Town

Bev's Bird Boutique Flyper Distributor - Bird and Avian Diapers
Marika Swanepoel
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Phone: 083 864 4276

Email: marikaswanepoel71@gmail.com

Bev's Bird Boutique Flyper Distributor - Bird and Avian Diapers
Tami Roff
Western Cape, South Africa

Phone: 082 525 3280

Email: t.roff@hotmail.com


UK and Europe

Mrs Packer
JOS Pascau
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