Flyper Mini


Open back and front design for the maximum comfort for your bird.


The FLYPER MINI is a minimalistic Flyper Bird Diaper design – non restrictive for your bird whilst still affording the hygiene of poop-free heads, shoulders and homes.

  • The MINI is a wonderful introduction to the FLYPER LIFESTYLE of wearing bird diapers.  
  • It can be used as a training diaper initially which will help a bird accept a fuller more fancy suit at a later stage.
  • A huge benefit of having the open front with the slider and positioning of the straps is that you bird cannot catch it’s toes in the sides of the suit.  
  • Some birds can be stressed when trying diapers for the first couple of times and they can pull their feet up inside the diaper or walk backwards in an attempt to remove it. However with the FLYPER MINI, your bird will not be able to catch his toes and trip. He may still flap around initially but cannot hurt himself or his toenails.
  • The MINI is cooler to wear in the hotter months.
  • Our Flyper straps are extremely soft and will not harm or chafe the bird’s feathers.
  • The sliders can adjust up or down the straps.
  • A modification of the Flyper mini is also available for the Fantail anatomy. Contact us for details.

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