Stylish regular Flyper (Flying diapers) allowing you bird plenty out-of-the-cage time.

  • Reusable high quality bird diapers. Stretch fabric for maximum comfort – lightweight and machine washable
  • Poop-pouch designed and positioned to hang low from the birds vent preventing poop from touching the birds body
  • Pouch lined with a water-resistant liner fabric, preventing leakage and staining of the suit (Half panty-liner to be inserted into the poop pouch)
  • Super soft straps preventing irritation or chaffing of birds feathers
  • Curved split seam on front of suit to fit snuggly over birds curved chest to prevent toe-catching or tripping (correct size selection important for perfect fitment)
  • Open back design for maximum non-restriction of flight and movement
  • Convenient velcro closure with double-back lockstrap – easy on and easy off
  • Fitted with a leash ring under birds tail – preventing leash to be tangled in wings if bird flies off
  • Shock absorbing leash sold separately with a safety wrist strap and toggle
  • All our products are fully Avian Vet approved and are designed to the highest standards for your bird

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