Fabulous Flypers for Fantails


As the fantail pigeon has a totally different and unique anatomy, we have designed a range specifically for them.
Our Fantail Flypers include:
  • Adequate tail holes to accommodate their magnificent fanned tails, whether they are fanned up or down.
  • Longer platformed poop pouches to catch the poop.  As a fantail pigeon’s tail goes up, so does his/ her vent which requires specific modifications to our regular patterns.
  • Shorter very soft straps as the fantail has a shorter body length especially when the tail is fanned.
Please Note: Our Flyper Mini Style is very well suited to the fantail shape. They can wear both our regular and Flyper Mini Fantail styles, with the Fantail design modifications.
Size range:
  • Size 8 – 240-280 grams
  • Size 9 – 280-320 grams
  • Size 9.5 – 320-340 grams
  • Size 16 – 340-450 grams
  • Size 17 – 450-500g grams

Please note: For color selection or Elite style choice – please view our listed Flyper range first, then add the details in the special instructions box at checkout.

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Size 8, Size 9, Size 9.5, Size 16, Size 17


Flyper Mini, Regular Flyper, Elite Flyper

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