Padded Chest Protector


Padded Chest Protection for any chest/ breastbone injury.

  • Removable chest padding for easy washing See video
  • A bird with incorrectly clipped wings can fall onto his breastbone and hurt himself – our Padded Chest Protector will prevent injury
  • Can be used as protection from feather plucking (if bird just picks on the chest area)
  • Open-back design for freedom of movement and preening
  • This product is not suitable as a feather plucking protector if the bird is plucking on it’s back as well

See size chart here

Please specify the color you like in the Special Instructions Box at checkout (any Flyper color available)

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Lulu’s Success Story

“Hi Bev,
The bird harness chest protector that I received from you, for my senior bare eye cockatoo is exactly what I have been looking for. I had only intended to foster this poor bird until she healed.

About 20 years ago she arrived all plucked with a bleeding hole on her chest. I never learned much about her history, but I assumed she was about 20 or so years old at the time.

From time to time I had her wear a collar which healed her wound. But poor girl I could tell she was miserable wearing the darn thing. As soon as I took it off , sure enough she would open up the wound. This went on for a few years. On and off with that collar.

Finally I made out of a small organic cotton sock, a sort of sweater. It help with the pecking to some degree. Also helped her keep warm. It looked tacky and sometimes her head would get stuck. Or the ties would get loose. It was subpar. As long as she was home with me I was able to watch her and make sure she was fine.

But whenever I had to leave town and take her boarding there were miss haps. And I knew Lulu was not happy.

I purchased other types of felt thingy’s but they were so bulky. They weighed more than Lulu. She wasn’t able to hold herself up. Ridiculous! Lulu is small and frail.

FINALLY I found Bev’s Bird Boutique! I saw the dove chest protector. I thought this might work! Indeed it is working great. I am so pleased.

I think finally her long term wound will heal forever. I am over the moon thrilled! This protector I got from you is so well made and so well thought out. I am impressed to say the least!

The size 6 works best for Lulu. I will order a few more to have as back up and change color.
Thank you Bev for following up and being so caring.

Christina Steenmeijer
Washington State




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