And so our story continues…..   but this time without dear Sooty who turned our lives upside down and taught us the blessing of pigeon love!!

I really missed having a pigeon around and decided I needed one to”complete our family”.  I made some enquiries and Beamer came to stay. 

My hubby is a BMW enthusiast and so our new “male” pigeon was called BEAMER (after our motorbike).

He tamed up well and fitted into our family befriending  the budgies Billy and Bubbles. 

I started making bird nappies for him and my creativity was sparked.

Then one day, whilst going to visit a friend to get some bird seed (taking Beamer with me of course) an amazing thing happened….

My friend has an avery and she has a gorgeous racing pigeon in there, called Ruby.  Whilst collecting the seed my friend suggested that I put Beamer into the avery with Ruby (two males together!)  The minute Ruby saw Beamer he closed his eyes, fell onto his chest and started a very obvious LOVE WOO!


Beamer looked impressed too.  My friend and I looked at each other and exclaimed “Beamer is a girl”.  Seeing the way they looked at each other I knew instantly that I had lost my bird to Ruby! We changed Beamers name to Princess Bea on the spot and the two of them became instantly engaged. I left to go home with the birdseed but no bird.

Over the next couple of days I decided to do a bit of pigeon publicity. I decided to make a story of a pigeon wedding which would be live streamed and professionally photographed.

I set about making the wedding suits (bird diapers) and set the scene with wedding décor and trims.  It caught the attention of people from  all over the world who wanted to see the pigeons dressed up in their wedding FLYPERS (avian diapers/bird nappies). It was my intention to use the footage to promote pigeon awareness as they are such magnificent birds.

So the stage was set,  people from all over the globe had set their alarm clocks to get up at all hours of the day and night to watch the live stream.

The morning arrived and my telephone rang…..

It was my friend to tell me that princess Bea had laid her first egg.!!!

And so the wedding was called off.  She and Ruby have continued to lay eggs ever since so our pigeon wedding never happened !!!   Needless to say, I did have fun planning sewing and setting up a fairytale wedding and who knows might get the opportunity to do it again someday.

I did get the chance to do a pretty photoshoot of Ruby and Princess Bea’s little eggs.

But once again I had to say goodbye to another beloved pigeon…….

Story to be continued next week

Part 4 continues…………….

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