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Introducing your bird to his new FLYPER may take a little time or maybe a few days. Younger birds do take to the garment quicker than the older birds normally. (Some birds we have fitted have taken to the FLYPER immediately) So it all depends on the individual bird.

Here, however are guidelines to bird owners when introducing it to the birds:

    • Firstly don’t take the  FLYPER  from the packaging and put it directly onto the bird.
    • Over a few days let the bird view the  FLYPER  from a comfortable distance.  
    • Move it closer to the bird, play with it, pin it to your shirt when the bird is on your shoulder and let the bird examine it in his own time.  Put your finger into the  FLYPER  and gently scratch and tickle the birds head with it.
    • When you feel the time is right, gently slip the birds head through the  FLYPER  straps and fasten the sides in place as per the video on the website.
    • Reward your bird with his favourite treat and praise him . Distract him from the  FLYPER by giving him toys to play with.
    • Supervise your bird at all times when first introducing him to his Flyper.
    • When first fitted you may find that your bird becomes a little disorientated and off balance and may nibble at the garment. This is quite normal and will diminish over time as the birds gets used to the FLYPER.   
    • PATIENCE and KINDNESS  are the key to training your bird for fun sanitary outings with you!!!
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